What the Heck SEO is

SEO 2018

What is SEO and How To Do it in 2018?

SEO is very very important for your site to rank on Google, without SEO you cannot rank on Google and if not ranking on Google then there is no importance of your website no matter how important or valuable information you write on it.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, optimizing your blog is very important for your site to rank in Google.

Now how to Optimize your site, SEO is divided into two- On Page and Off Page.

SEO 2018

On page is basically done by keyword distribution and the amount of keywords should be used in your articles, too much of desired keyword also is harmful, it’ll be considered as keyword stuffing so the number of words in your article according to that the number of keywords should be in it.

Off Page is done by building backlinks to your blog, now backlinks are very important for your site. One must always build good high backlinks and not harmful backlinks, building unsafe and low quality backlinks to your site may lead it to penalty and it’ll be penalized by Google and your website won’t rank then.

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SEO in 2018

Now as the time passes Google rolls many updates which included removing blog with low quality contents or with no used and valuable information or moving the website from 1st page to 6th 7th page as visitors does not find that blog providing valuable information,and if you don’t provide valuable information on your blog then visitors may not return again.

Mobile Optimization is very important now as Google has said in it’s update that all websites should be well mobile optimized as most of the users are now visiting and searching the things they want from mobile it self, smartphones are the new trend now so people find it easy to get the things they want from their mobile itself instead of opening laptop or tablet Etc.

So SEO in 2018 plays a very important role,so one must surely concentrate on optimizing their blog well for their website to rank in Google and to build a good audience for their website.

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