The Art to Make Money Blogging


So if you are looking on how to make money blogging then this is the right article for you.

Making money online through blogging is not hard, it just depends on how hard you work as well as with patience, patience plays a key role in make money blogging as people cannot wait to earn money ,they want instant money which is not actually possible.

You can start a blog on your interest and then provide valuable information to your users and when you have successfully build a good blog with good fixed readers and recurring readers who come back and visit your blog and come regularly it’ll be easy for you to earn from blogging.

Various ways of make money blogging

Now there are various ways by which you can make money blogging, For example CPI,CPC,CPA, Affiliate Marketing and many more. It all depends on what kind of a blog you have.

If you have a blog which focuses on a particular brand or a particular product then affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog. You can join as an affiliate on various Websites which sell that product and then you provide your readers good detail on that product and explain it’s pros and cons and then give them information on where they can buy it in cheap and give them your affiliate link of that product or various websites and then when the users navigate to that product through your affiliate link and buys that product you get a commission based on the percentage they set for that particular category.


If you have a blog which is of entertainment niche which provides images,music videos and stuff then you can earn by google adsense, but for that you should have a site with good amount of visitors daily and then after google adsense approval you should have correct ADS placement and then whenever your visitors click on that ads you get a amount of money depending on their interest and country.

You can even earn by selling E-books from various sites by making a banner of your affiliate product.

So choose which suits you the most and you can make money blogging.

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