How to pan for gold in California

So you’re looking for gold….perhaps in all the wrong places, using the wrong tools, at the wrong time? Well, fret no longer. Panning for gold in California can be done properly with the right know-how and resources. First off, you may want to plan ahead because proper preparation will bring better results, which means better rewards, right?

What you would want to do first is gather your tools which should include a good gold panning guidebook, the right clothing and accessories, as well as your essentials for the actual panning itself, the panning tools. I would suggest you check your options for the best panning tools online, or stop in the mining section of your local hardware store to review and price specific items. There are many retailers who sell recreational panning tools to beginners, so you will have many options when comparing prices as you shop around. It may be overwhelming, researching all of these wonderful tools, so be warned, buying gold panning tools can take a little time for a beginner. Some recreational panners even purchase customized gold mining tools for better gains at a faster rate. You want to be sure to include in your panning supplies a few basics, such as colored gold pans, detecting and recovery devices, sluice boxes, and of course a snuffer bottle that sort of acts as a vacuum to abstract findings. Another option is to simply purchase a top quality panning kit which will include everything you need to get started.

Finally, timing is everything. Where you prospect for gold is as important as how you prospect for gold. One of the best places to pan for gold is the wonderful Golden State of California. And it can be your best panning source to start because it is a known fact that to find gold, you must go where gold has been found.

You can easily research California gold prospecting online to find your first panning location. There are certain times during the year when panning for gold in California is more effective. You should plan your gold panning trip as part of your preparation just as you would any other adventure or travel excursion, to make sure the trip will be worthwhile and to your satisfaction. That being said, the best time to pan for gold in California is whenever the waterways are active which will include your streams, rivers, ravines, lake areas and dry ravines.

As you will be looking for runoff and sifting through all areas of the water, gold panning in California is best done during the months when water is flowing even but steady, which could be anytime of the year. There is a science to panning for gold that involves technique and skill acquired over time but above all else, remember that the water current is your friend as it helps you to remove or wash useless items from your gold pan quickly.

Also, because of so many changes in our ecosystem, our waterways may hold those hidden treasures waiting to be found. Using your pan, and other tools, you will pan and sift in a horizontal motion continuously; it may seem for hours, removing dirt, rocks, debris, or bugs just for that one bright golden sparkle to finally hit your pan. It is a tedious process that requires patience, focus and a keen eye so that you will not miss any gold. A word of caution, remember this is a hobby, have fun, and be careful around water. Nowadays, gold panning is considered very recreational, but nonetheless, rewarding if you happen to stumble upon a golden nugget, right?

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