How to pan for gold in California

So you’re looking for gold….perhaps in all the wrong places, using the wrong tools, at the wrong time? Well, fret no longer. Panning for gold in California can be done properly with the right know-how and resources. First off, you may want to plan ahead because proper preparation will bring better results, which means better rewards, right? Continue reading “How to pan for gold in California”

Natural Gas Lines Require Updating

Gas lines can pose dangers as amply illustrated by the recent explosions in San Bruno. Many people are beginning to worry whether the same problems could happen in their neighborhood. Much of the nation’s infrastructure is badly in need of updating and if you feel your home lines need replacement or you experience a gas problem of any kind, we provide convenient same-day service to help put your mind to rest.

[Homeowners Bear Gas Line Responsibility]

Owning a home carries many responsibilities and among these is the care and maintenance of natural gas lines, a fact of which many people are unaware. Natural gas lines are covered by federal guidelines and regulations and it is recommended that periodic inspections of lines from the meter to the home be conducted, even when underground. Digging can be dangerous and is best left to experienced professionals who have the expertise to perform the service safely and determine whether the piping is in need of repair or replacement.

No repairs will be made without an accurate estimate being offered the customer. You will know what to expect in costs and the amount of time the work will take. Our professionally trained technicians specialize in repairing gas leaks, replacing faulty plumbing gas lines and installing gas lines.

One thing we can do to eliminate your maintenance worries in the future is relocate the meter closer to your home if your have buried gas lines. Once the gas utility approves the change, after we have installed the new configuration, the utility will be responsible for maintaining the lines. If you have buried lines, you are responsible for the following obligations.

Inspecting the lines periodically for leaks
Inspecting the pipes for corrosion if they awe made of metal
Making any necessary repairs or upgrades as needed

We will take care of these responsibilities for you and perform any necessary repairs. It is important to remain vigilant when you use natural gas and if you ever feel there is a problem or leak, you should immediately turn off the gas to your home at the cut-off valve located on the meter. This is usually on a pipe coming out of the ground and attaching to the meter. Turn the valve counter to the pipe to shut off gas. Keep the area around the meter clear of any obstructions to facilitate quick access to the valve. A wrench should be kept handy to fit the valve, and you should consider painting the valve white or a fluorescent color to make finding it in an emergency very easy for anyone to do.

If the procedure has been performed correctly, all pilot lights should go off in the house. When your gas is restored, it is important to re-light all pilot lights or dangerous levels of gas could build up in your home. Many pilots are temperamental or tricky to light. This is a task we are happy to perform for you to ensure your safety. If you cannot locate the cutoff valve, call So Cal Gas Co. and they will send a technician to do the job for you.

[Identifying Leaks or Hazards]

There are a number of ways to determine if you have a gas leak on your property. Check for any rotten-egg smells that are not food-related in your home. If your appliances and gas heat are not performing up to their usual standards, there may be a problem with the lines.

If buried gas lines have not been properly maintained, they may be subject to corrosion and leakage that could have lethal implications. There are a number of symptoms you can look for that may indicate your underground lines have a leak. These include the following.

You smell the distinct rotten-egg odor of natural gas in the area.
Dead vegetation anywhere near the buried line may indicate a leak
If your gas meter moves significantly when all appliances have been turned off, then there is a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed.
After you water your lawn or a good rain, if you see bubbles in the area over the buried line, there is a problem.

If you suspect an underground gas leak, immediately call 911. Do not attempt to investigate further. You may even consider evacuating your family from the home, but someone must be available to direct any emergency or contracting personnel who investigate the problem.

If your lines are found faulty, we can immediately address the situation with dispatch and efficiency. We will shut off your gas and perform the necessary inspections to determine what repairs are immediately required. We will assess whether your system could benefit from complete replacement of gas piping or by relocating the meter closer to you home, so you will no longer be required to maintain buried lines.

Naturals gas lines are in bad shape throughout there country and often have been improperly maintained. This is a problem for cities, utilities and private homeowners to address, as befits their area of responsibility. Faulty pipes that were over the 50-year limit for replacement caused the San Bruno explosion. Nearly two-thirds of the nation’s gas pipelines cannot be inspected by automatic robot technology, called “pigs” that are usually employed by utilities for routine inspections. The reason is that stainless steal pipes, which are highly corrodible, often follow twisted paths that make employing the underground robots impossible.

There’s nothing you can do about that situation, but you can maintain and replace your own lines to help insure your family’s safety. We can providing prompt courteous assistance to install or repair any gas line.

PTSD Isn’t a Post 9/11 Problem

Most would call Bill a hero, but he would vehemently disagree. You see, to Bill, his life has been a series of failures. Since coming home from the Vietnam War, he has been married, and then, divorced. His career has been non-existent, as evidenced by the 39 different jobs he has held in the past half century. His life is a constant battle. He does not feel comfortable inside of his own home, and the insomnia eats away at the rest his body so needs. He does not consider himself ill, as an illness “presumably has a remedy”.

There is no remedy for what ails Bill. Every night since he came home from the war, Bill has done a perimeter check around his house, sometimes two or three times throughout the night. Something, or rather someone, could use the cover of darkness to attack him. He cannot take any chances.

In his journal, Bill describes a scene in which his Army unit was sent to assist a Marine company that had been pinned down inside of a mountain ravine. The reports were not good. There were many casualties expected and their orders were simple: go in firing and kill everything that moves. He describes the limbs of fallen Marines, the smell of the dead bodies, and the screams of war he encountered. Then he drops the mic:

”I CANNOT HOLD BACK THE MEMORY or the tears. I am not in Vietnam, and it is not 1968. It is November, 2010. I am sitting at my home computer, looking at the country of Vietnam on Google Earth. “How long have I been out, back there in my mind?” I wonder. Looking at the clock on the wall, I realize it has only been seconds, maybe minutes. My flashbacks are like dreams. Scenes that took minutes and hours in real time only take seconds to replay in my mind.
“When is this shit going to stop?”

Never, Bill. Never.

This is life for Bill. Not a few moments spread over time. Not a bad dream in the middle of the night. Not a few thoughts of past bad deeds. This is his life. Everyday for over 40 years, the battle that the pages of history say ended on that fall day in 1968, continues to rage on right here at home. Bill is not alone and, yet he has no company. Thousands of war veterans suffer from PTSD and for those in the pre-9/11 era, help is rarely sought.

His wife could no long take the sleepless nights wondering who this man was sleeping next to her, screaming in his sleep ungodly things: Kill them all. Fucking Charlie!

His employers would not put up with the constant fits of anger towards co-workers or the countless times Bill showed up for work unfit to perform his job safely. Alcohol on his breath. Unkempt.

It wasn’t until he ran into a fellow Vietnam veteran at an AA meeting that Bill finally had an answer for why he was the way he was: he was ill. The VA psychiatrists were calling it Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Something his new friend told him had given him some relief was to write down all the things his mind was thinking That meant carrying around a notebook everywhere he went. If it meant interrupting the human resources manager of the factory he was interviewing with to scribble down a few lines, then so be it. Never mind that it might cost him the job (it did not).

Writing became his therapy, as it created a way for the thoughts inside of his head to be let out without the fear of hurting someone. Bill has dreams of turning his notebooks into a book or a blog. Something that he hopes would help his fellow Vietnam veterans find some sense in their post-war lives. Forget that it is 40 years too late.

Better late than never, right?

That is the only way life differs from war.

Top Google Adsense Alternatives

This article is cooked for the People who are searching for alternatives. Here’s a summary of connection arranged notification frameworks like Google Adsense, significance they repay you fiscally when visitors tapped on the coherent advancements indicated on your site.

In short – they are the Google AdSense decisions. We believe you find them important.

Disclaimer: We have not used most of the advancement orchestrates here at whatever time as of late. This is a try to discover and pass on to your care more choices of sensible advancements disseminated. Taking a gander at more purposes of interest (notification presentations, advancement size/bunch, payout limit, portion system, online overviews, et cetera) of any particular ad framework you plan to use on your website.

Google Adsense Alternatives

1) Reventue Hits

I recently discovered Revenue Hits and it’s sort of a nice challenger. I signed up and was quickly contacted by a manager to visualize however their ad platform for publishers work and that they have a large amount of options to form cash. Revenue hits could be a Performance Ad network, which suggests they pay you for results (CPA that is nice for several niches), however, they need CPM and CPC models too. Revenue hits has a stimulating platform that learns from your Ads therefore if you offer them a strive ensure to stay their ads running for 2-4 days to urge the most effective results. Another great point is that they need totally different proof channels on the market. you’ll be able to produce banner ads, sliders, pop -unders, buttons and additional. Revenue Hits pays on a internet thirty basis and that they issue payments via wire, Paypal and Payoneer! produce your account and obtain started in mere many minutes HERE!

2) Yllix

Yllix is a system I have heard a considerable measure in the most recent years that has a good CPM and numerous adaptation choices. Their landing page may look basic however their dashboard is extraordinary and its anything but difficult to begin. Yllix has Pop under advertisements, portable sidetracks, sliders, layer promotions and full page advertisements so you can get a decent CTR and profit with them. It is a best alternative for one thing and their approbation is quick.

3) Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the greatest pop-under systems accessible. They began dealing with 2011 and immediately formed into one of the greatest systems with awesome CPMs. They spend significant time in adapting sites for the accompanying corners: diversion, features/motion pictures, amusements, dating, funds, programming, betting and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In the event that you’ve got one of this locales, you could profit with Propeller than with Adsense. They additionally have standards yet the pop unders work better by and large. Additionally, in the event that you’ve got portable movement, they’re an awesome Adsense elective as they work nearly with promotion organizes that adapt applications and versatile administrations prompting gigantic ROIs and extraordinary CPMs as well.

Propeller pays on a NET 30 premise and they have an awesome fill rate for level 2-3 nations. So in case you’re attempting to adapt movement from nations like India, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa, and so forth. Propeller has a huge stock for them as well.

4) Affiliate Marketing

I’m leaving subsidiary Marketing in the number 1 spot for some reasons. Offshoot Marketing means you’re offering an item or an administration from another venture (which implies you don’t need to create it) and you gain a Part of Money for that. You can discover a considerable measure of Affiliate Marketing projects on the net, and they can change from offering a $20 little item up to offering a $200 programming. The excellence of member advertising is that the more you know and test an item or administration, the more you can offer it.

Some associate projects can acquire you more than $60 for every deal relying upon the item and I really prescribe you test and reinforcement your deals by utilizing the item yourself (despite the fact that its not 100% important). In the event that you are a prevailing voice in a specialty, you can utilize it to support your business and develop considerably more.

There are more companies to come and most trusted ones as well stay tuned

What is Adsense

When i review web owners in regards to the methods which they use to be able to monetize their sites Google’s AdSense is actually the best reply. It’s a simple and fast way for web owners coming from all sizes to produce advertising which can be based on their written content.

Google Adsense

AdSense is often a ‘contextual’ promoting method in which editors simply add an item of program code for their sites in which allows The search engines assess what your current web site is approximately so as to function advertising with in which subject matter. This particular increases the likelihood of your current followers simply clicking this advertisement which often enhances the odds in which you’ll make anything from their store.

AdSense likewise have a range of different revenue revenues to be able to web owners which includes a site research application (you generate income by means of individuals browsing your current site) along with word of mouth tools (where you can create funds by means of promoting The search engines products).

AdSense is usually how i make around 45 % connected with our revenue as a regular doodlekit along with I would carefully propose the idea as a way connected with making money with any weblog – for these simply just starting.

What the Heck SEO is

What is SEO and How To Do it in 2018?

SEO is very very important for your site to rank on Google, without SEO you cannot rank on Google and if not ranking on Google then there is no importance of your website no matter how important or valuable information you write on it.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, optimizing your blog is very important for your site to rank in Google.

Now how to Optimize your site, SEO is divided into two- On Page and Off Page.

SEO 2018

On page is basically done by keyword distribution and the amount of keywords should be used in your articles, too much of desired keyword also is harmful, it’ll be considered as keyword stuffing so the number of words in your article according to that the number of keywords should be in it.

Off Page is done by building backlinks to your blog, now backlinks are very important for your site. One must always build good high backlinks and not harmful backlinks, building unsafe and low quality backlinks to your site may lead it to penalty and it’ll be penalized by Google and your website won’t rank then.

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SEO in 2018

Now as the time passes Google rolls many updates which included removing blog with low quality contents or with no used and valuable information or moving the website from 1st page to 6th 7th page as visitors does not find that blog providing valuable information,and if you don’t provide valuable information on your blog then visitors may not return again.

Mobile Optimization is very important now as Google has said in it’s update that all websites should be well mobile optimized as most of the users are now visiting and searching the things they want from mobile it self, smartphones are the new trend now so people find it easy to get the things they want from their mobile itself instead of opening laptop or tablet Etc.

So SEO in 2018 plays a very important role,so one must surely concentrate on optimizing their blog well for their website to rank in Google and to build a good audience for their website.

The Art to Make Money Blogging

So if you are looking on how to make money blogging then this is the right article for you.

Making money online through blogging is not hard, it just depends on how hard you work as well as with patience, patience plays a key role in make money blogging as people cannot wait to earn money ,they want instant money which is not actually possible.

You can start a blog on your interest and then provide valuable information to your users and when you have successfully build a good blog with good fixed readers and recurring readers who come back and visit your blog and come regularly it’ll be easy for you to earn from blogging.

Various ways of make money blogging

Now there are various ways by which you can make money blogging, For example CPI,CPC,CPA, Affiliate Marketing and many more. It all depends on what kind of a blog you have.

If you have a blog which focuses on a particular brand or a particular product then affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog. You can join as an affiliate on various Websites which sell that product and then you provide your readers good detail on that product and explain it’s pros and cons and then give them information on where they can buy it in cheap and give them your affiliate link of that product or various websites and then when the users navigate to that product through your affiliate link and buys that product you get a commission based on the percentage they set for that particular category.


If you have a blog which is of entertainment niche which provides images,music videos and stuff then you can earn by google adsense, but for that you should have a site with good amount of visitors daily and then after google adsense approval you should have correct ADS placement and then whenever your visitors click on that ads you get a amount of money depending on their interest and country.

You can even earn by selling E-books from various sites by making a banner of your affiliate product.

So choose which suits you the most and you can make money blogging.

The Beginners Guide to What is Blogging

What is a Blog?

Well understanding what is a blog is not difficult, Blog is not a single term.


Blog is off many types, one who posts something regular on a particular topic to give you information on a regular basis is known as blog( Example: WordPress CMS). So you don’t have to search again and again for the thing you need until you are looking for something else. Whenever you want an update on your topic just visit that blog and it’ll be automatically updated by their owner.

What is a blog?

You have got a project from your college and you need some valuable information about it, You search it on Google and you land on a website filled with all the information you need in a single website, that means you don’t need to search anywhere else as you got the information you are looking for on that website alone, That is called a blog.


There are blogs too which is multi niche, that means you will find everything on it without even going on different websites, those blog maybe written or updated by a single user or as well as group of people, blog is not updated each and every second, well when the owner gets some valuable information to share they write it on their blog for the users to read.

What is a blog again?

Many many big reputed companies have their own blog, they update their blog regularly to provide information of their upcoming products or deals or price hike or price cut as it’ll be easy for them to update users from all over the world from their blog instead of informing individual.

Now for example Samsung has launched a mobile and 6 months later it has to push an update for that device but it may take time so they will simply update on their blog about that update and users can read detail and official statement on that update from their official blog.

Conclusion- Blogs are of many many types: reading blogs, information blogs, education blogs, Etc.

How To Install WordPress Manually On Any Hosting

WordPress is actually this preferred web page software today and hence there are several completely new revisions along with improvements going on every single day in it. Presently there are actually many different strategies to deploy WordPress on the weblog, that is performed in a one simply click or even by means of managing a easy get in putty. However from time to time guide installing some sort of WordPress weblog could well be essential as soon as your hosting supplier doesn’t provde the 1 simply click installation, as an example, whenever you increase names in Cpanel.

Guide installment is sometimes superior along with safe in comparison with 1 simply click installation through other web page software. And this write-up is likely to make anyone learn along with hand deploy wordpress weblog on just about any web hosting service supplier.

Simple steps in order to Manually Put in WordPress Website:

The first step: Down load WordPress Installment Package deal
Originally you should down load this WordPress installment offer from your standard down load site. Usually go for the most recent edition of wordpress.

2: Produce a completely new data bank with regard to WordPress

To be able to create a completely new wordpress web page, you’ll want a brand new data bank. To access this data bank you should get access towards Cpanel. You will get small perplexed here, and so be careful while performing these. Follow this underneath screenshots with regard to uncomplicated knowing.

Get access in your Cpanel along with scroll down to this directories portion. Click the MySQL Databases Wizard.
produce data bank

You will land on the site which you could produce this data bank using whatever brand you choose. Next you may be requested in order to key in this data bank user name within the step 2.

The next step is to offer legal rights towards end user you simply developed. Select just about all legal rights along with click on next thing.
give previlages

That you are performed! Now you have developed a brand new data bank using data bank brand, data bank end user along with data bank password, which you should help save with regard to additionally employ.

Step 3: Importing WordPress document in to the server

Now you should publish this wordpress specialist offer (which anyone earlier downloaded) in the server. This can be performed in numerous different ways. You are able to often directly publish it in the Cpanel, employ software similar to Filezilla in order to publish this records or even publish this compacted document in to Cpanel along with unzip it. However in which do you want to publish it? You must do it within the origin when i. e. public_html. It is best to subsequently revise this wp-config document to get in touch the site using its data bank.

For anyone who is creating a completely new web page in a standard Cpanel, publish this wordpress. zero document within the /public_html directory then unzip it. Acquire this records in the public_html directory simply.
publish wordpress

Observe: For anyone who is setting up wordpress by using an add-on domain, subsequently you should publish this document within the completely new domain directory when i. e., /public_html/add-on-domain-name.

Step 4: Editing this wp-config document

When you are finished with this publish, you should revise this wp-config document within the public_html directory per se. Proper click on wp-config and select this revise solution.
revise document cpanel

It is advisable to help make simply the following alterations: (Do not feel anything at all else)
modifying wp-config

Change these data bank brand, end user along with password using the one’s you simply developed.

Move 5: Executing WordPress guide specialist software

We have now performed every one of the considerations you want to do to put in wordpress hand. Now just about all you want to do is work this wordpress specialist software and provides this brand of one’s web page, details while the get access recommendations.

Visit the WEB SITE: http: //new-domain. com/wp-admin/install. php
(Replace new-domain. com with all your completely new domain)
wordpress specialist

As soon as you click on the Put in WordPress button, the wordpress create will be full. To visit the dashboard, check out new-domain. com/wp-admin or even new-domain. com/wp-login. php

HTC M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

This massive mobile phone companies inside international market place HTC along with Samsung have announced their particular flagships inside market place through MWC 2015 that has been kept inside Barcelona this holiday season. Both smartphones have satisfied your lovers using their fresh capabilities along with design and style. MWC 2015 managed your introduction of the Galaxy S6 along with HTC One particular M9 – two flagship smartphones, that just like their particular predecessors, will need to struggle inside market place. Here is a complete thorough evaluation associated with the two smartphones with respect to the technical specs introduced. Although products will not be yet assessed hands-on although as a consequence of user advantage we are below to evaluate those according to Technical specs. Check out the thorough evaluation associated with the two along with pick the right that befits you. Continue reading “HTC M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6”