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More frames than the Louvre! Folks are amazed at our vast selection of frames. You’ll find famous designer frames, budget frame and lens packages, and frames so flexible they can actually bend around your finger without breaking. We’ll even help you find frames for special circumstances, like sports or computer use.

Expect Quality Products Like:
Silhouette™ • Calvin Klein™ • Giorgio Armani™

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More contacts than a Hollywood agent!
Okay, we’re exaggerating, but you get the idea. You’ll be amazed at our impressive selection of contact lenses. Many are here in stock, so you can walk right out with your new lenses. And we specialize in hard to fit cases, so if you’ve been told you can’t wear contacts, chances are, you can find a comfortable solution here at Eye Site. If you’re trying contacts for the first time, we’ll fit you with trial lenses first and check on your progress with follow up visits. And you’ll receive detailed instruction on care and cleaning for your new lenses. That’s the kind of attention you just don’t get from “quick service” shops.

LASIK Eye Surgery Consultation
See us first before your surgery for a free consultation to insure that everything is done to your satisfaction. We will discuss the various types of laser surgeries and the newest implants. If you are approaching age forty, we will show you the advantages of monovision to eliminate reading glasses.

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Eye Site
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